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MiniPlug Xtreme connection cable 1,5mm²

93,00 лв.116,00 лв. с вкл. ДДС

This connection cable is designed for the DEFA MiniPlug inlet cable and ensures a reliable connection from the outlet to the car.

The MiniPlug Xtreme is more durable than the standard version and can withstand cold weather and rough treatment. Xtreme has a black cap to distinguish it from the standard MiniPlug.

Technical description

DEFA genuine connection cable for extreme conditions: DEFA GREENLINK™.

Only use the original DEFA MiniPlug Xtreme or MiniPlug connection cable with the DEFA MiniPlug inlet. Connect only to an earthed power socket.

See the installation guide for further instructions.

DEFA AS is conforming to the requirements ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. In addition to
this, our engine heaters and cables are conforming to the requirements of IATF 16949.



Use of MiniPlug Xtreme

Connect the PlugIn connector to the DEFA MiniPlug inlet mounted in the front of your vehicle. Make sure not to damage the connection cable or insulation by squeezing the cable under the hood or in the door. Keep the cap on when the cable is not in use.

Disconnect the cable and apply silicone spray on the terminals before and after the season. Ensure that neither the cable nor the cap has been damaged.

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